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What is Global Warming?

By Amazing Kids! Reporter Matthew Barker, age 12


You’ve probably heard of “global warming” and maybe even wondered what it means. Global warming is the rising temperature of the earth’s surfaces, including the air surrounding the earth and the oceans. Global warming is caused by the accumulation (building up) of greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. Some of these gases come from plants, some come from animals and some from humans. For instance, cows and sheep produce methane. The ones from humans are mostly from cars, factories, and the cutting of trees (deforestation).

These gases are called “greenhouse gases” because they work just like a greenhouse. A greenhouse uses glass to trap heat and keep the plants warm inside. The greenhouse effect is when gases act like glass and trap heat around the earth. It’s important to have some greenhouse gases, but when there are too many, it can cause “wacky weather.”

Global warming effects all of us, because one thing we all share is the Earth! If we all work together, we can reduce global warming!

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