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About the Amazing Kids! PenPals Program

The Amazing Kids! PenPals Program is a literacy-based, store traditional letter writing pen pal program, available to all children ages 5-17 worldwide.

At $10 per child, per pen pal, our program is a low-cost (and fun!) way to help your child practice their literacy skills, while making a new friend. Teachers or groups of 15 or more receive a 50% discount, at just $5 per child. Some scholarships are available; just ask!

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The Amazing Kids! PenPals program has received rave reviews from kids, parents and teachers, and the media!

Amazing Kids! PenPals and Hurricane Survivors from Estelle Elementary School, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, holding their letters to their Amazing Kids! PenPals in San Jose, California

Parenting Magazine said:

“Amazing Kids ( is a great site that’ll connect kids to real live pen-and-paper friends.”

Why Kids, Parents, and Educators love Amazing Kids! PenPals

Children love our program because:

  • It helps them foster new (and possibly life-long) friendships
  • It allows them to practice the traditional form of letter writing and correspondence
  • They love getting letters in the mail from their pen pal!

Parents love our program because:

  • It offers one of the few remaining choices for finding an established, safe and trusted traditional letter-writing pen pal program for their child or children
  • Many parents remember having a pen pal when they were children and want to give their child the same positive, fun learning experience
  • Parents love helping their child or children find new friends their own age and gender
  • Reinforces communication and literacy skills taught in their child’s classroom
  • Opens their child’s eyes to a larger world, and other cultures and traditions outside their own
  • Teaches interpersonal skills, self-confidence, empathy and understanding for someone outside of themselves… and much more!

Educators love our program because:

  • It helps them teach their students literacy and communication skills and encourages their students to do more reading and writing
  • It teaches their students global and cultural awareness, geography, social studies, and much more!


Here is just a small sampling of the dozens of testimonials we have received from our members:

“It is like getting a birthday present every time there is a letter in the postbox.” L.C., Zanzabar (South Africa)

“This is such a motivating opportunity for my dyslexic son.” C.W., California

“I thought writing would be a great way to have my daughter practice her skills and meet a new friend along the way. I read about Amazing Kids! PenPals in a magazine article and it reminded me of when I had a pen pal when I was in school and it seemed like a wonderful idea. My daughter is very anxious to make a new friend.” C. B., California

“I will like my kids to know that there are other kids like them in other part of the world. It is such a fantastic way for youngsters to make friends and express themselves.” L.C., Zanzabar (South Africa)

“My colleagues in Pakistan are happy to pilot the Amazing Kids! PenPals program at DIL schools. Our schools are serving underprivileged kids and their English language skills are not so strong, but we feel that they will benefit from such a program.” Fiza Shah, Chief Executive Officer, Developments in Literacy

“My children are so excited, as I have recently been contacted by my childhood penpal after 24 years. I want them to enjoy the same experience as I did.” K.P. , Kentucky

“Thanks again for this wonderful program!” K.P., Illinois

“My daughter just received her pen pal’s letter and the click pens. Let me tell you she was thrilled! She came down to my office to show it to me.” M.P., India

“Our daughter was thrilled to receive her first letter from her penpal this week, and wrote a letter back to her, which we mailed today. I think you made a good match. Thanks for putting the two girls in touch!” C. S., Illinois

“We have been very happy with our US matches, and I will recommend this program where my children attend school.” K.P., Wisconsin

“This is a great opportunity for the kids and they will be very happy when I will show them the form, Because they have never meet or have international friendship yet in their lifetime, so this is the first chance. As this was my prayer to connect them with other children from the international world. God bless you.” R.M., Sierre Leone

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
The Amazing Kids! PenPals Program is a traditional, letter writing pen pal program, available to all children ages 5-17. The cost is $10 per child or student. Teachers and groups of 15 or more receive a 50% discount.

Why is there a fee?
We are a small, all-volunteer non-profit organization, and the fees help cover our cost of running the program.

How did the Amazing Kids! PenPals begin?
The Amazing Kids! PenPals program began as a way of reaching out to the children affected by the devastating hurricanes of 2005. Our hope was that by matching young hurricane survivors with a new pen pal (“buddy”), we could help them in their recovery from the trauma many experienced due to the hurricanes.
The program is now available to all children, worldwide. We continue to welcome teachers, youth groups or agencies who work with hurricane survivors or survivors of any trauma to register their students as well.

How does it work?
Parents, teachers, agency directors, etc. sign up their students using the appropriate links below. Amazing Kids! will match students of the same gender and age with other students who may share similar interests and hobbies, based on the information provided on the registration form.

I’ve completed all three forms and made my payment. What happens next?
Someone from Amazing Kids! will contact you once a match has been found. You will be asked to call the other parent, teacher or group leader of the pen pal Amazing Kids! has selected for your child or student. If both adults agree that the pen pal match is a good one, then the students may begin writing to each other. If the match is determined not to be a good one, Amazing Kids! will try and find an alternative match.

Thanks for being a Palâ„¢!

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