Amazing Kids!

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About Amazing Kids!

Welcome to Amazing Kids!, a children’s non-profit organization offering fun, challenging, and self-motivating educational enrichment for kids and teens worldwide!

Founded in 1998, Amazing Kids’ mission is to help inspire kids to discover their own unique gifts and to use them in positive and productive ways to make a difference in their lives, the communities they live in, and reach their dreams.

Amazing Kids! Founder and President Alyse Rome, a former educator and marketing executive, wanted to provide kids (including her own young daughter!) with a positive, uplifting alternative voice to the too-often negative and sensationalist mass media and news. She set out to create a safe and educationally enriching online environment where kids could read the success stories about their peers (the Amazing Kids! of the Month), so kids could learn from each other, and be motivated to become achievers in their own lives as well.

And so, Amazing Kids! was born! Over the years, the magazine has become widely known as a positive and inspiring place where kids’ amazing accomplishments are not only recognized, but celebrated. We’re proud to note that Amazing Kids! has become recognized as a place where kids learn the values of respect for others and the importance of working hard to achieve positive and productive goals.

The Amazing Kids! website is used around the world by educators in their classrooms, as well as educational textbooks publishers who publish our content in their textbooks and other media. We are proud to be featured in the Renzulli Learning System, an educational enrichment tool for educators used in classrooms around the world. In addition, we are a favorite online educational destination for many home-schoolers and students and teachers from gifted and talented programs.

Amazing Kids! ultimately hopes to lift our kids’ sites up to see the amazing possibilities that life has to offer them. Every child deserves to have a bright future. No child’s potential should ever go to waste!