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Our award-winning, kid-created monthly online magazine is dedicated to providing kids with a fun and educational experience, a place to share their creative works, through their writing, art, and photography. Our Amazing Kids! of the Month stories feature real life kids doing some pretty amazing things! Amazing Kids! believes by reading about other kids' accomplishments, or reading their creative works, it can help inspire more kids to explore their own amazing gifts and use them to make a difference in the world.

Be amazed! Visit the Amazing Kids! Magazine today, and read it together with your child! Enjoy!

Amazing Kids! Magazine

Literacy, Fun and Friendship

Amazing Kids! PenPals Program

Kids, parents and teachers alike love our Amazing Kids! PenPals program! Kids sharpen their communication and literacy skills, while having fun making new friends. A traditional letter writing program, kids practice the art of letter writing, and can't wait to get their pen pal's letters in the mailbox!

Learn more and see if the Amazing Kids! PenPals program is right for your child or students.

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As an all-volunteer organization, Amazing Kids! is able to provide our award-winning literacy-building programs for kids through the help of dedicated volunteers and generous donations by our supporters. Please consider becoming an Amazing Kids! supporter, so we can continue our work helping kids for the next 17 years and beyond! There are a number of ways you can give, including making a one time donation or an ongoing monthly gift, or donations of your time and expertise as a volunteer or a professional offering your pro bono expertise. Everyone can make a difference! Donate today with a credit card or a PayPal account on our secure PayPal donation form at:

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Want more information on volunteering? Email us! We're standing by, ready to answer your questions.

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