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15 Things Kids Can Do To Reduce Global Warming

By Amazing Kids! Reporter Matthew Barker, age 12

Kids can make a difference.

By reducing greenhouse gases, you can save energy and help reduce global warming.

By learning about global warming and helping others understand the issues, you can make a difference!

Here are some things you can do every day:

  1. Walk or ride your bike to school, take the bus, or carpool
  2. Recycle (paper, plastic and glass)
  3. Reuse things when possible
  4. Reduce waste
  5. Drink tap or filtered water (instead of bottled)
  6. Avoid plastic bottles
  7. Turn lights and computers off when not in use
  8. Use cloth bags (instead of paper or plastic)
  9. Ask your school to provide recycling bins

Here are more ways you can help reduce global warming:

  1. Encourage your school to install solar panels
  2. Plant lots of trees
  3. Write a letter to your local newspaper about ways your community can get involved
  4. Let companies know you care about global warming
  5. Get books about climate change at your library
  6. Talk to your friends, parents and teachers about global warming

You may even have some of your own ideas on ways to help our planet. Now you have some ideas, you are ready to start doing your part to help our planet!