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Amazing Kids! of the Month

Are you new to the Amazing Kids!’ website? If so, a great place to start is reading through some of the 12 years’ worth of “Amazing Kids! of the Month” (“AKOM”) stories in our archives. Be prepared to be inspired!

Please note that these stories are not about only the top geniuses and prodigies of the world (though we do feature stories about these kids too from time to time). Actually, our main purpose for featuring these stories about the amazing accomplishments of kids is to inspire more kids to start using their own unique gifts in positive and productive ways to accomplish their own amazing achievements.

Also be aware that these stories are not meant to be used by parents or kids for comparing one child with another; rather, we hope they will encourage parents, teachers and mentors to help their own child or students discover their own unique gifts and to help them nurture them, so they can one day realize their amazing potential (not to mention they may possibly even be featured as a future Amazing Kid! of the Month on our website!).

One brief example: As a first assignment for one of our newest Amazing Kids! reporters and staff members at the time, Olivia, age 14, we gave her the task of interviewing none other than Bill Gates. Little did any of us know that she in fact, would be able to get an exclusive Amazing Kids! interview with him! Just proof that our kids can accomplish anything they set their minds to, given the right amount of support.

Launch My Dream Initiative!

For those children who have big dreams, but don’t have a support system to help them launch their dreams, we have started a new initiative called “Launch My Dream!” The purpose of the initiative is to work in collaboration with others in our communities, across the country and beyond, to help kids in our communities get access to the resources and support they need to plan for and launch their dreams for their amazing future.

Think about it: If every child had access to a support team to help them prepare for their future, how many more children would grow up to have the successful and fulfilling future they dream of as kids? Our goal and my personal dream is to make Launch My Dream! a national movement, energizing and inspiring our citizens to get involved in their local communities to support the dreams of their local kids.

We are helping both of this year’s winners, as well as last years’ winner, 10 year old Katie Stagiano (who was featured in People Magazine and on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams!), launch their amazing dreams to help other kids who are less fortunate than themselves. Be sure to visit our online store to purchase their winning t-shirt and apron designs to help them launch their dreams! Proceeds will benefit their causes and the Launch My Dream! initiative, so we can help more kids like these amazing girls launch their dreams in the future.

Amazing Kids! PenPals Program

To those parents or teachers who are hoping to enhance your students’ literacy and communication skills, we invite you to register your students for a pen pal through our Amazing Kids! PenPals program. Not only does our literacy-based, traditional letter writing program help support literacy skills children are learning in the classroom, the program helps foster new friendships with a global awareness and understanding of other cultures and places in the world. Besides, it is so much fun for the kids to get letters, postcards and photographs of their pen pals in the mailbox! Learn more at: Penpals Program

Be a PenPal!

To register now for the Amazing Kids! PenPal Program we will need some more information about you, your Kid(s), and some of your preferences for a PenPal. Click HERE and get STARTED on being a PenPal!

Read and Enter!

With our Amazing Kids! work ranging from poetry writing to fiction and including spectacular interviews and international experiences; we encourage you to read all this and more at:

You can also enter our Amazing Kids! Contests – HERE! We have contests that encourage writing, cooking, and many other passions that you or any kids you know may have. Please encourage them to enter and be a part of the Amazing possibilities that each of these contests can bring for an Amazing Kid.

Amazing Kids! Magazine and Contests

We invite you to read through our kid-created, award-winning monthly Amazing Kids! Online Magazine. You think you’ll be impressed by the excellent quality of these well-written, thoughtful, and often thought-provoking articles and creative writing which our kids and teens from around the world contribute each month. Art lovers will want to check out the awe-inspiring portraits, paintings and photography created by some of our internationally acclaimed amazing young artists.

Each month provides our readers, young and old alike, with yet another exciting opportunity to enrich their lives through reading our kid-created publication. We hope you’ll take the time to read it with your own child or children, or if you are a teacher or youth group leader, your students.

The Amazing Kids! website was recently honored to be selected as one of the Top 24 “Great Web Sites for Kids” by the American Library Association (ALA), specifically under the category: “Writing by Kids.”

Amazing Kids! Contests
Amazing Kids! offers fun and challenging creative contests on our website on an ongoing basis HERE.
Our contests are known as one of the best online resources for kids contests! We offer fun prizes when sponsors are available for our contests, as well as feature the winning entries in our Amazing Kids! Online Magazine.
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