Words from Parents of Amazing Kids! of the Month and Volunteer Youth

Alyse, seek
Thank you so much for featuring Joseph. It was such an honor to be in your magazine. I have sent many people to your website.
The article was one of the best written and it was put on Facebook. We are receiving very positive comments on it.
Thank you for all you do through your magazine and helping to encourage kids. I wish there were more people like you.
I will definitely keep in touchJ
Have a Blessed day!!
Elvira Mother of October 2010 AKOM Joseph Muchado


Dear Ms. Rome, pharm

Hello:-). We are Klenton, Brittany and Braxton’s parents.

We would like to express our gratitude to you in regards to the awesome, positive impact you are having among the youth of today.

We can see the excitement in our children as they are encouraged to participate and utilize their individual giftings within the amazing-kids.org venue.

We just wanted to say, “thank you.” Keep up the wonderful influence. You’re great!

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael & Lisa P.

Parents of Brittany, Student Editor-in-Chief, age 17, and Braxton, age 15, webmaster, of Amazing Kids! Online Magazine and Amazing Kids! of the Month, July, 2009 (www.amazing-kids.org/c18)


“Alyse, Thank you for suggesting Build-A-Bear to us. I never imagined she would win. You have been so good to Katie, thank you so much!

Katie got a grant from Quaker to start a new garden. There is so much going on it is hard to keep up.

Thanks again!”

Stacy Stagliano

Mother to Katie Stagliano, Amazing Kid! of the Month, March 2009 and winner of the 1st Annual Launch My Dream! T-Shirt Design and Essay Contest, whose dream of “No Hungry Children” Amazing Kids! is helping to launch (See Katie’s testimonial from Amazing Kids!’ blog above.)


“Alyse – I wanted to update you regarding Jordan. He was just on the Martha Stewart Show! He did an interview with her about his climbing. It was fantastic, they flew us out to NY and Jordan had a great time. Thanks for sure in part to you and the Amazing Kids! site. Thanks again.”

Karen Lundgren

Mother of Jordon Romero, Amazing Young Mountain Climber and Amazing Kid! of the Month, December, 2006 (www.amazing-kids.org/akom12-06.html)

Editor’s Note: Since appearing as an Amazing Kid! of the Month, Jordon was on the cover of Weekly Reader, and was booked on Martha Stewart and cast on Cartoon Network “Props” show about amazing kids, and a PSB “Go!” spot, with the help of Amazing Kids! Founder Alyse Rome. He will now be attempting to climb his 8thand final “tallest peak in the world,” Mt. Everest starting April 5th, 2010!!!


Hi Alyse,

As always YOU amaze me with all the things you are doing! When you get to heaven, I think you’re going to hear, “Well done. You used up every single ounce of talent and energy I gave you.” LOL!

Debra Paulk, Mother of Alexandra Paulk, Amazing Kids! Online Magazine Staff Writer

Thanks again for thinking of Jena and all you have done for her over the past 3 or 4 years!

Jennifer Sims

Mom of Jena Sims, Amazing Kids! Youth Ambassador and Amazing Kid! of the Month, April, 2004 (www.amazing-kids.org/akom4-04.htm)


“Thanks for sending off the info about the Amazing Kids! & Kentucky Fried Chicken Mother’s Day contest. Julianna read about it on the Pre-Teen message board, too. She had so much fun designing a card! I hope she wins but even if she doesn’t, the card she made meant a lot to me! That was a nice contest and I’m glad they put info about Amazing Kids! on the KFC website. You do so much for kids in this country and other countries and get such little recognition!”

Patty Colon

Mother of former Amazing Kid! of the Month, Brittany Colon, May, 2003 (www.amazing-kids.org/akom5-03.htm)


“Alyse, we think it’s so great what you are doing with amazing kids , it’s amazing and we thank you ! Ioana is happy she can express herself freely and you’re appreciating her work …i can’t express myself how happy she was when you emailed us with the request to use her artwork for the Amazing Kids! Winter Holiday card …she was so excited that you asked her to do the card…thank you alyse ! you have our respect and appreciation !”

Claudia & Ioana

Romania (Ioana is the 12 year old Editor for the Amazing Kids! Online Magazine’s Art Column)


“I am so happy to hear of your progress. You are doing some amazing work and we need to get you out in the media more and then I think sponsors will flock to you.”

“I met with Whole Foods and the meeting went well. They agreed to have a “Remmi Corner” in the store-openly displaying our partnership. They were impressed with her Amazing Kid! of the Month Award-they even mentioned it should be on the marketing poster.”

“This is such an honor for us. Oh……….what a great job you have done with Remmi’s story. Alyse, I have forwarded the information to Deedra and Melanie-they will be doing a story on her-I will let you know when it is published. Every opportunity to spread the word on Amazing Kids-I will do—————we are so excited to be part of the monthly magazine. Thanks and let us know if you need anything else from us!”

-“Hi Alyse-do not have any details as of yet but the Associate Producer of Rachel Ray has contacted us/Remmi about doing a segment. Thought you would want to know-I will try to find out how they heard of her-I am sure is it is the AK affect!”

“Alyse-When (Apple) responded back to me (about how they found out about Remmi)-it was Amazing Kids!!!!!! We really need to get some highlights going on your organization!! What great things you do!! “

“Hi Alyse-Yesterday was surreal-only way to describe it. An Apple Exec came to the shoot as well. They were awesome with Remmi. The Apple film crew brought the best out of Remmi. I found out the event in Dallas on the 21st is a 3 day education leadership summit that is invitation only. The level of educators is presidents of major universities and school districts. All I can say is Remmi is in very good company. She is the youngest and the only one in grade school.”

“I thank my lucky stars and I thank you-without Amazing Kids!, we would not be in this position. If I got this right-the moderator is now the new president of Dreamworks-he recently left Pixar. I think we will have some good networking opportunities.

“All I can say is you must love your job!”


Mother of Remmi Smith, Amazing Kid! of the Month, Feb. 2010 (amazing-kids.org/c72)


“My name is Rosa Ruvalcaba and I am co-producing 6 videos for Apple Education (Apple Computers). We are having a big education leadership institute in Texas in April and we’re looking for students (k-college) who are finding creative ways to learn and share with or without school.

“I saw your website and the wonderful work Remmi is doing with her team. I would like to chat more about including Remmi in a short profile video for Apple as well as flying her to Dallas for the event to discuss her love for learning and sharing. It will be a great exposure opportunity for you, too.

“I am happy to inform you that Remmi (February 2010 Amazing Kid! of the Month) has been selected from a long list of WOW students to be profiled at the Dallas Apple education summit next month. She will be asked to participate in a short six student panel (moderated by a Pixar Animation Studios Faculty) to discuss topics like creativity, learning, technology, human responsibility, social media, and sharing. Remmi has been identified as a learner who thinks beyond the traditional parameters of school and we would love to hear her thoughts.

Again, we are looking forward to meeting Remmi and helping share her SUPER COOL story.”


Rosa Ruvalcaba
Co-Producer for Apple Education

“Hey Alyse-look at this-this is good for both of us!!!! They should do a feature on you!!!”

Nancy Smith, Mother of Feb. 2010 Amazing Kid! of the Month, Remmi


My name is Chad Overman and I am the Producer/Director for Motivational Productions, the nation’s leading multimedia character education program. I had the privilege of coming across an article on Remmi on the Amazing Kids website this morning as I was researching inspirational stories of young people making a difference. Our production team is currently researching real life stories for our nationwide character film entitled “Fit Together. This film will encourage young people to see the importance of caring about the kinds of food they eat and the kinds of activities they’re involved in. I’ve been very selective in my research of story subjects for possible inclusion. When I came across Remmi’s story and watched one of her videos, I was convinced that she would fit perfectly into our film this year. Motivational Productions is a non-profit organization that presents an all-digital multimedia presentation to roughly 4 million students each year. Our purpose is to encourage and inspire young people to make wise choices as they are faced with difficult issues such as drugs/alcohol, violence, and racism. I’m writing you to let you know that we are interested in featuring a 5-6 minute story on Remmi, her show, and her powerful message to the youth on the importance of pursuing a healthy lifestyle in next year’s nationwide film Fit Together. We hope to help spread Remmi’s show and message even further than it already is, and we’re all the way down in Texas. :^)

In Great Appreciation,

Chad Overman, Producer/Director, Motivational Productions



Talia had a keynote at the National Service Learning Conference. It was all amazing. Like you.”

“Talia through her organization RandomKid has helped rally kids to raise $10.5 million since she first started in 2005 in response to Hurricane Katrina. She has been on the Today Show twice and in major national news publications and has been recognized by over 30 national and international organizations for her work.

It all began with YOU. 🙂

Dana Leman, March, 2010

Mother of Talia Leman, Amazing Kid! of the Month, Nov. 2007 (www.amazingkids.org/akom6-07.html)


“Dear Alyse,

You are the best!! Thanks so much for making the contact with the Oprah Show. I really hope it happens. I will let you know what happens tomorrow.”

Thanks so much,


Jennifer Licare, March, 2006

Mother of Janine Licare, Amazing Kid! of the Month, April 2003 (www.amazing-kids.org/akom4-03.htm)


“Hi Alyse,

Your Newsletter is awesome!!! I am very impressed. I hope you are very proud of yourself!!

It looks like we might not get on the Oprah Show but I wanted to say thanks because without you we wouldn’t have even been considered. See e-mail below.

All the best and many thanks!!!!”

Jennifer Licare, March, 2006

Mother of Janine Licare, Amazing Kid! of the Month, April 2003 (www.amazing-kids.org/akom4-03.htm)


I love what you are doing with Launch my Dream! Excellent. We would love to join you as a collaboration partner. Sending all the best and many congratulations on all you are doing!!!

Jennifer Licare, September, 2009

Mother of Janine Licare, Amazing Kid! of the Month, April 2003 (www.amazing-kids.org/akom4-03.htm)


“Hi Alyse,
Wow, Enzo, your January 2010 Amazing Kid! of the Month, is amazing!!! I can’t believe that he is only 8!! I was absolutely blown away when I saw what he does!!! Good for him! Kid power!

Janine is well, she spent a semester abroad in Moscow, and did an internship for the World Wildlife Fund there as well as an environmental legal firm. I give you a ton of credit, you are amazing with all you do!! That is how there can be “Amazing Kids” because of “Amazing Alyse”!!!

Did I tell you that we were on a 2 hour special of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition? They sent the family to be with KSTR while they redid their Wild Cat Rehab and their house. It was fun!
Plus we just filmed for the Dr Luke Show, from SKY TV, it airs for the first time tonight, prime time.
And we just filmed all day yesterday, for a National TV Show that airs Monday and Tuesday.
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
All the best to you too!!!

Jennifer Licare, February, 2010

Mother of Janine Licare, Amazing Kid! of the Month, April 2003 (www.amazing-kids.org/akom4-03.htm)


“Hi Alyse,

Because I’m sure I don’t say it near enough either, you have been a tremendously positive influence on Natalie, too! She is really growing from all this, learning how to interact with people (via phone, too, which is hard), learning to be more responsible, etc. And if it weren’t for you … so THANK YOU from us, too!!!”


Andrea Brady, mother of Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor, Amazing Kids! Online Magazine, and Amazing Kid! of the Month, September 2005 (amazing-kids.org/akom9-05.htm)


“Hi, Alyse! What a PERFECTLY wonderful letter!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

As for AKOM, thanks so much for showcasing the chess team! School starts on Tuesday and the first local tournament is on the 15th of September. The article will be a nice motivational tool for the team for the new year. We are losing Palmer and Erik this year, they have moved on to middle school, so the new 4th and 5th graders have big shoes to fill.

I have one photo of the boys mentioned in the article but it is NOT very nice quality. I have written to the parents of the other boys and will send you beter photos if I get them. If I have not gotten anything in the next few days will sent the one that I have.

Thanks again and congratulations on all your good news!!”


Teacher of former Amazing Kids! of the Month, Sept. 2001: amazing-kids.org/kids9-01.htm













Mother of 3 former Amazing Kids! of the Month, Jeff, April 2002: amazing-kids.org/akom4-02.htm#top, Rachael, October 2004: amazing-kids.org/akom10-04.htm#top, and John-Henry, January 2006: amazing-kids.org/akom1-06.html#top


Thanks, Alyse. Jason thinks an awful lot of you, and I trust his judgment ;-)! I know you are doing great things for the youth of America.



Mother of Jason D. Crowe, Amazing Kid! of the Month , Nov. 2000: amazing-kids.org/kids11-00.htm


“We have received an e-mail from a public librarian in New Jersey who is hoping to do a Heifer Project during her summer reading program. Maybe she found us because of your Amazing site.

Thanks again for all your wonderful help.”


Joan Stith

Teacher of former Amazing Kids! of the Month, Nov. 2001: amazing-kids.org/kids11-01.htm


“Hi Alyse,

I checked out the site, it is wonderful!! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for us. I am emailing Diana and others who will be interested to see the site. The kids are already excited to see it, and it was a terrific birthday present for me (today is my birthday!) 🙂

Again, I appreciate all the support you are giving to children in education, if there is any way I can stay “connected” with your organization, please let me know.

Aloha from Hawaii,”

Lori Lendio,


Teacher, Amazing Kids! of the Month, June 2004: amazing-kids.org/akom6-04.htm


“My name is John Karger and I am absolutely impressed and humbled by your coverage of the work done between schools in Georgia,and Texas in cooperation with my organization Last Chance Forever, The Bird of Prey Conservancy. I cannot thank-you enough for the attention, helping us spread the magic of raptors, spirit and encouragement for our children, one our greatest gifts.

There are those that feel that caring for one injured hawk is a waste, but I think that they have lost communications with their creator, for if we cannot care for an injured creature, one which cannot speak our language, how can we expect our children to have respect for any life.

Thank-you again and again.”

John Karger,

San Antonio, Texas

Founder,Last Chance Forever, and Master Falconer, who teaches Chance Ruder, two-time Amazing Kid! of the Month, Chance Ruder, June 1999 and July, 2005: http://www.amazing-kids.org/akom7-05.htm


“Dear Alyse Rome and Amazing-Kids.org,

Thank you for making my day!!

My students and I were pleasantly surprised to get a phone call at our school yesterday from Alyse Rome.

A real author called Encinal!

We must be famous.

The students’ work looks great on the web!! They were so excited that I had to allow them to call their parents to share the “COOL” information.

The word has spread about Nellie Bly and the Amazing Kids! website. Everyone that I know has been linking up to catch the latest on this contest and other amazing kids. Already in progress is a newsletter to parents talking about the Amazing Kids website. People love to hear about the neat things that kids can do. I love helping kids to realize how amazing that they actually are.

You have done something great. You have opened the door to literacy, history, and self-esteem (all through the arts.) Wow! I am proud to be a part of it.

All I can say is that my students are on fire to become better writers themselves. Thank you! Thank You! Alyse, Please keep us posted on the Book Project.”


Brenda Mee,

Teacher, Amazing Kids! of the Month, November, 1998: amazing-kids.org/kids11-98.htm


“Hey I read the story about the kids in Hawaii… what a great project! Isn’t it amazing how children can get such a sense of accomplishment when teachers and adults tell them they can do it? That’s why this website is so important… some kids who DONT have anyone telling them they can do stuff will end up reading your stories and realize that if these kids can do it, then they can too. That’s the point, right? Right! What a tremendous service you’re providing! I’m so proud of you. Keep going.

Your friend who thinks you’re wonderful,”


Mom of two-time Amazing Kid! of the Month, Chance Ruder, June 1999 and July, 2005: http://www.amazing-kids.org/akom7-05.htm



What a gift you are… do you realize how very valuable you are to our society? You, my new friend are a rare gem… someone to be reckoned with because you WILL affect change… and I am so proud of you.

Don’t change anything that you’re doing. When you get tired, you must call me, and I will strengthen you. I will remind you how very much the children who are here on this earth need you…and that in some ways, the ones who are not here yet need you even more… because you hold their future in your passion and optimism and hope for their parents who are

but small children today.

You and I…we are like-minded. We are doing our individual jobs with the resources that we have at hand, and it may seem like we are engaged in different “activities”, but the end product of our efforts is the same. How marvelous to have a sister in the fight… because you are indeed that.

Thank you for your kind spirit and compassion. Thank you for your tears and care. I share these same emotions for you and our dream. I will join you in the fight…I promise- I’m already engaged in the battle. I will share my resources with you.. my contacts, my friends, my ideas..whatever I have because you are accomplishing what I would wish for my own children if I were not able to be on this earth with them.

You are a “God-parent” of sorts for all the children…. and your efforts need to continue. You have a strong future and there are many lives that will change because of you. A long time from now… long after the vehicle of flesh and sinew which carries your spirit has been buried, great leaders will remember a spark named Alyse which lit the flame of their lives. And they will be good parents. And they will raise good citizens. And they will bring yet more change for good to this place- this heaven on earth that we share. This I know for sure.

It’s not easy to do it alone. It’s not easy to call out into the darkness and wait for someone to hear you and answer. It’s not easy to worry about that which is hidden in tomorrow. It’s not easy to face the terrible monsters that would see you fail, and not crumble in fear.

And you….you stand fast and determined, willing to face it all. I am so so so proud of you. You are a Troubador!

Success is yours. I don’t know how we’ll do it, but we will. We will find a way so that your dreams are realized because there are many great things that need to happen by people who are only learning to tie their shoes this week. Some are still in diapers. We must give them safe passage into their time of coming. It’s our job. We will find them and we will change them. We will teach them and we will inspire them. And we will surround them with others JUST LIKE THEM because tomorrow things will be harder than they are today, and these children will need each other.

Fear not. The time is coming. I promise. Tell me how to help you, and I am there.


Angela Ruder

Mom of two-time Amazing Kid! of the Month, Chance Ruder, June 1999 and July, 2005: http://www.amazing-kids.org/akom7-05.htm